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G.S. Lawn Svc & Landscaping LLC has had a great R.A.P. for over 25 years.  Let us let you enjoy your summer by contacting us for all your landscaping needs. 

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In Business for over 25 Years

Why Choose Us

Working year after year on keeping customers satisfied, finding customer needs, and helping to get them done.

Once we commit to a day you are to be cut, that will be your “cut day” for good!!

G.S. Lawn Svc & Landscaping LLC still has customers that have been with us over 20 years. We take pride in maintaining customers for multiple years.

G.S. Lawn Svc & Landscaping will work with the customer to ensure all work is not only being done, but properly done…

Our Projects

Seed & Sod May 2023
Seed & Sod Before & After May 2023
Pavers May 2023
GS Landscaping Design 2
GS Landscape Design
Snow Removal Industrial Lot
Snow Removal Industrial Parking Lot
Snow Removal in Snowstorm
Snowstorm Snow Removal
Snow Removal Central Jersey Business Parking Lot
Snow Removal East Brunswick NJ Parking Lot
Snow Removal One Way Sign
Snow Removal Central Jersey Business Parking Lot
Snow Removal – Business Parking Lot
Snow Removal – Industrial Business
Snow Removal Industrial Area
Snow Removal – Commercial Parking Lot
Snow Removal – Central Jersey Commercial Parking Lot
Snow Removal – Parking Lot Plowed
Snow Removal – Parking Lot After Plowing
Snow Removal – Parking Lot After
Snow Removal – South River Parking Log
Snow Removal – Parking Lot Before
Snow Removal Church Steps
Paver Installation
GS Mulching Residential Front Yard
GS Lawn Mulching Pool
GS Lawn Mulching Front Yard
GS Lawn Mulching Edging
GS Lawn Mulching Before & After
GS Lawn Mulching
GS Lawn Before After 2
GS Lawn Before After 1
GS Lawn Bushes After
GS Lawn Bushes Before
Before After Seed Sod 2
Before After Seed Sod 1
Before After Seed Sod
Before Seed
Seed Sod Yard 3
Seed Sod Yard 2
Seed Sod Yard 1
Seed Sod Yard
Seed Before After Fence
Seed Shade Tree
Seed Sod Front Yard
GS Lawn Seed 1
GS Lawn Seed
GS Lawn Sod
Seed Backyard
Seed After 1
Seed Before 1
Seed Before
Seed After
GS Lawn Sod Fence
Lawn Landscape Trimming 12
Lawn Landscape Trimming 11
Lawn Landscape Trimming 10
Lawn Landscape Trimming 9
Lawn Landscape Trimming 8
Lawn Landscape Trimming 7
Lawn Landscape Trimming 6
Lawn Landscape Trimming 5
Lawn Landscape Trimming 4
Lawn Landscape Trimming 3
Lawn Landscape Trimming 2
Lawn Landscape Trimming 1
Lawn Landscape Trimming
Sod Front Yard 1
Sod Front Yard Before
Sod During Process
Sod on Truck
Seed Sod After 1
Seed Sod Before 1
Drainage 1 During
Drainage 1 Before
Drainage 1 After
Drainage Before
Paver Landscaping
Paver Walkway
Paver Narrow Walkway
Pavers Front Yard
Pavers Driveway
Lawn Mulching Trucks
Mulching Landscape Bed
Red Dye Bed Mulching
Mulching Edging
Mulching Before After 1
Mulching Trees
Mulching Lights
Landscape Swimming Pool Oasis
Landscape Design Residential Front-yard 1-4
Landscape Design Residential Front-yard 1-3
Landscape Design Residential Front-yard 1-2
Landscape Design Residential Front-yard 1
Landscape Design Residential Backyard Oasis 1-5
Landscape Design Residential Backyard Oasis 1-4
Landscape Design Residential Backyard Oasis 1-3
Landscape Design Residential Backyard Oasis 1-2
Landscape Design Residential Backyard Oasis 1
Landscape Design Residential 2-5
Landscape Design Residential 2-4
Landscape Design Residential 2-3
Landscape Design Residential 2-2
Landscape Design Residential 2-1
Landscape Design Residential 2
Landscape Design Residential 1
Landscape Design Commercial 1-3
Landscape Design Commercial 1-2
Landscape Design Commercial 1
Landscape Designs 1-2
Landcape Design 1
Front-yard Landscape Design 2-3
Front-yard Landscape Design 2-2
Front-yard Landscape Design 2-1
Front-yard Landscape Design 2
Front-yard Landscape Design 1
Front-yard Landscape Design
Fence Landscape Design 1
Fence Landscape Design
Driveway Landscape Design 1
Driveway Landscape Design
Backyard Landscape Design
Lawn Care – Residential 3
Lawn Care – Residential 2
Lawn Care – Residential 1
Lawn Care – Residential
Lawn Care – Primrose School 6
Lawn Care – Primrose School 6
Lawn Care – Primrose School 4
Lawn Care – Primrose School 3
Lawn Care – Primrose School 2
Lawn Care – Primrose School 1
Lawn Care – Primrose School
Lawn Care 1
Lawn Care
Spring & Fall Service 7
Spring & Fall Service 6
Spring & Fall Service 5
Spring & Fall Service 4
Spring & Fall Service 3
Spring & Fall Service 2
Spring & Fall Service 1
Spring & Fall Service
Before & After Photo 7
Before & After Photo 6
Before & After Photo 5
Before & After Photo 4
Before & After Photo 3
Before & After Photo 2
Before & After Photo 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add mulch?

Mulch is very valuable for your trees and plants’ health because it insulates the soil, helping it to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch also keeps weeds out to help prevent root competition. It also retains water, helping the roots stay moist and prevents the soil from compacting.

How to tell when it is time to give your tree a trim.

When you notice the sunlight being blocked from reaching your property and begin to encroach on the space of other plants, it’s time for a trim.

How to tell when it time to prune a bush?

Prune whenever you start to notice the center of the bush beginning to lose leaves or take on a twiggy appearance. This means the inner part of the plant is not receiving enough sunlight because the outer branches have taken over.

Is is really important to maintain your lawn?

Keeping your lawn maintained entails real deal labor. You generally don’t want to remove more than 30-40% of the plant tissue, but you still want to remove dead grass, leaves, and other debris. Lawn maintenance may also require topdressing soil or a deep raking to remove thatch in the fall seasons.

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